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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


AlexisOnFire is Post-Hardcore band from St.Catharines,Ontario, Canada.

They got their name from an canadian erotic actress and prostitute called Alexis Fire.
But she never has protected her name so she could not do anything.

The first time they played together was in the year 2001 because three bands were brocken.
In 2002 they published their first EP, called "Math Sheet Demos" (this was the name of the
old  drummer's mathematics book).

The debut album, which cover based on the text off "A Dagger Through the Heart of St.Angeles", was published in the same year. By the backing from "Much Music" the band became popular.

In early 2005 they toured with Rise Against in Europe and Australia and gave several sold-out concerts.

Since they were founded in 2001, they published  3 EP's and 4 album's.

EP's: Math Sheet Demos (2002)
         The Switcheroo Series (2005)
         Dog's Blood (2010)

Album's: Alexisonfire (2002)
               Watch Out! (2004)
               Crisis (2006)
               Old Crows/Young Cardinals (2009)

I hope you now know a bit more about this band.

Enjoy the next track.

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Ian Begley said...

Alexis Fire is such an amazing name!

Anonymous said...

Rad track I'm liking the chorus!!! Following!

sp3nny said...

interesting story behind the name

Gifz said...

My favourite from them is Rough Hands

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